L Christine Williams


Do you want to be seen, heard, watched, noticed? You do? Hey, me too!

Insanely creative, energetic communication specialist who gets her hands dirty, but keeps the keyboard clean. Graphic design, art direction and writing is what I do — what do you do? Let me tell the world about it! Specializing in publication & education design, branding & identity, event planning and promotion, with experience in photography, video, radio, and social media. Seeking a permanent full-time position in a whirlwind environment dedicated to making clients happy with beautiful solutions. Available for freelance projects (big or small) any time.

Talk to me, and I'll help you talk to everyone else!


  • Mac/PC
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • typography
  • branding
  • publication
  • marketing
  • promotion
  • copy writing
  • editing
  • creative direction
  • graphic design
  • instruction
  • technical
  • sensitive subjects
  • print design
  • client relations
  • budgeting
  • proje